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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is PawHydrate? PawHydrate is a portable water bottle that uses advanced SPE and PEM technology to infuse water with hydrogen, enhancing hydration for both dogs and their owners.

2. How does PawHydrate benefit my dog? PawHydrate improves your dog's energy levels, hydration, immune system, skin health, and reduces inflammation.

3. How does the hydrogenation process work? PawHydrate transforms ordinary water into hydrogen-enriched water in just 3 minutes using SPE and PEM technology.

4. Is PawHydrate safe for my dog? Yes, PawHydrate is designed with pet safety in mind and uses food-grade materials that are safe for your dog.

5. How do I use PawHydrate? Fill the bottle with water, press the button to start the hydrogenation process, and it’s ready in 3 minutes.

6. How often should my dog drink hydrogen-enriched water? For optimal benefits, it’s recommended to provide your dog with hydrogen-enriched water throughout the day.

7. Can I use PawHydrate for myself too? Yes, PawHydrate is designed for both pets and their owners, making it a versatile hydration solution.

8. Is the bottle easy to clean? Yes, PawHydrate is designed to be easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring hygiene and convenience.

9. How long does the battery last? The battery lasts for several cycles of hydrogenation, depending on usage, and is easily rechargeable.

10. Can I use any water in PawHydrate? It's best to use filtered or clean water to ensure the highest quality hydrogen-enriched water for your dog.

11. Is PawHydrate portable? Yes, PawHydrate is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for use at home, on walks, and during travel.

12. Where can I buy PawHydrate? PawHydrate is available for purchase on our website, with a limited-time offer of 60% off plus free shipping.